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Choose the right banner stand to boost your sales

The right banner stand can make all the difference at creating an impact amongst potential customers. Selecting a certain banner stand for an exhibition depends on the company’s marketing goals and their budget.

The market is filled with many types of banner stands. Each has their own special features and benefits.

1. Modular display stands- Modular display stands are popular among trade exhibitors. They are known for their versatile features. Modular display stands comprise of a number of separate components that are aligned together to create the exhibition stand. POP displays, portable displays and table-top displays are some of the common types modular display stands.

2. Traditional stands- Traditional stands have been used for many years and they still remain the most accepted kind of banner stand. The operating mechanism is very simple. It consists of two rods that are fixed to the ground. The empty space created between the rods creates a type of a platform which allows the exhibitors to put their banners on display.

3. Literature stands-
They are specific kinds of stands which assist the exhibitor to display all kinds of literature related to the product. This can be brochures, pamphlets and manuals. Literature stands act as a portable bookshelf. They ensure that your products leave a lasting impression on the audience.

4. Pop-up stands-
Pop-up stands give the banners a more arty appeal and are also quite flexible to use. Pop–up stands permit the use of a number of add-ons that can improve the look and the effectiveness of the stand.

Benefits of attending a trade show
Trade shows and exhibitions allow exhibitors to sell their products while putting them on display. Thus, a trade show accomplishes two things simultaneously. Customer interaction and attention is very high at trade shows and exhibitions since people are taking time out of their busy schedules to attend the trade show.