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Check out our new Totem Display Stand – They’re Totummy Awesome!

New for 2014, we introduce our Totem Display Stand. In response to customers demand for an alternative display product when compared to a conventional banner stand, our Totem Display has the facility to interchange graphic prints quickly and easily.

The Totem banner stand is made from lightweight plastic and features an attractive oval shape. Prints can be slid-into the front and rear of the stand behind clear perpex covers so as to provide an attractive, double sided display. Although conventional cardboard folding Totem display stands exist, such units are usually pre-printed and therefore the information cannot be updated as and when required. On the contrary, our system can be re-used time and time again thus it is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative.

For customers with a requirement to distribute displays to dealers for applications such as in store promotions and in store branding this product is an ideal solution given that cheap, replacement prints can be rolled into tubes and mass-distributed to stores very cost effectively by conventional postal services. Furthermore, Printdesigns can personalise the Totems by adding printed branding to the base of the stand itself.

More information about our Totem Display Stands can be found on our website. Also available is our full range of portable banner stands that are available in a choice of sizes with single and double sided models available.