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Cheap Banner Stands – The Good and The Bad

Pictures of cheap banner stands almost always look the same, but there are big differences between similar looking products!

Pictures of cheap banner stands almost always look the same, but there are big differences between similar looking products!

When scouring the internet searching for cheap banner stands, you will, no doubt be faced with many websites selling banner stands that almost always look the same.

The fact is, at present the UK is saturated with cheap banner stands and the demand for such low cost displays is driven by demand from clients who are trying to cut-costs by purchasing economy systems.

Firstly, we would like to point out that there is nothing wrong with buying cheap banner stands. In fact, we recommend to many clients that purchasing low cost systems is actually more economical than purchasing expensive systems and replacing graphics when the displays becomes outdated.

The problem we have is that amongst the cheap banner stands on the market today, a significant portion of these systems are not really fit for purpose at all.

Recently we discovered that budget stands from one of the largest resellers of display systems were badly designed, having unfinished rivets inside the casing that in-turn caused scratching of the printed graphic. Stands from another reseller were susceptible to leaning caused by the casing of the stand flexing because of the thin metal used in the construction. Another cheap banner stand from a major UK based reseller was supplied with an unpadded nylon carry bag, offering practically zero protection for the display while in transit.

Our budget banner stands are sourced direct from the manufacturers, not from a UK middle-man. Because we buy direct in volume, we can afford to source and supply higher quality stands than our competitors whilst still offering the best prices in the UK.

Our budget banner stands will not lean, topple and come supplied with quality padded bags. Our budget banner stand prints are produced onto a 600gsm fire-rated blockout material, not the lighter weight material used by our competitors.

All cheap banner stands are not the same!

  • rat tin city

    bet you guys are so much better then balmer media feel sorry for their customers

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your comment! I understand that they have gone into liquidation now. I saw some comments from some upset customers who bought products from them via a Groupon offer but never received the goods :-(

    I hope that the customers concerned can get refunds on the products that they paid for and never received.

    It makes you wonder why only a Month before they went bust why they were advertising and taking money from people for products they were not going to deliver.

    I recall producing an order for a sign company based locally in Stafford many years ago ( we’ll call them Signs 1999 for legal reasons!). It was an order for some printed panels that we delivered to a local ASDA store to promote a Christmas pantomime.

    A day or two after we delivered the panels, I got a letter to say the company had gone bust. We never got paid for the work and quite obviously the company who ordered the panels would have known what was happening when they ordered them.

    It’s criminal that these companies can operate like this.