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Cheap Banner Stands

Thinking about using banner stands for a promotional campaign? In this case you are probably looking for something cheap, yet reliable and visually appealing…

Cheap Banner Stands

Cheap Banner Stands


We have lots of models of roller banner stands, they vary in price dependent upon several factors including:-

Size: Width and Height

Weight of Base: The heavier the base, the more robust and stable the stand tends to be

Features: Some models allow for prints to be interchanged quickly and easily

In terms of size, the most common banner stands we have are 850mm wide with a visual height of 2000mm. This proportion tends to give a good artwork size whilst the banner stands are still portable enough for convenient transport.

We buy in our stands direct form the factories that manufacture them whereas many suppliers buy from a distributor who in-turn imports the stands.

There are several benefits with buying direct but the main one is that we can afford to buy-in a higher spec banner stand for an equivalent price when compared to buying from a distributor.

A measure of the robustness and durability of a banner stand can be taken from the weight of the product. Very cheap stands for example, are made from aluminium so thin that they are prone to leaning over especially when fitted with a heavy graphic material.

Our stands are printed using a 600gsm blockout PVC. It is a heavy material, almost impossible to tear and being blockout, you get no show through that would reveal the support pole ‘ghosting’ through to the front of the printed image. Some of the stands we tested from distributors will not support a heavy graphic material like this and so suppliers who buy them tend to print onto thinner and sometimes non blockout products.

Our budget banner stands are 3.8KG and by far the most popular stands we supply, they can be discounted on bulk amounts and so ideal for volume purchase or for point of sale campaigns.


For the best price on a bulk quantity of roller banners, please call on 01785 818111 or email


We guarantee to offer the most competitive quote and can provide samples of our banner stands so you can directly compare with products from other suppliers before you make a purchasing decision.