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Building a booth on a budget (2)

Also think about replacing just the graphic panels if you already have stands that can still be used. Updating the graphics will allow you to target your message to a specific event or time without the expense of buying complete new stands.

Consider using table top displays to communicate your message if space is tight. Banner and pop up stands are now available in small sizes, which means you can still design striking graphics that will attract visitors’ attention, without the size and cost of the larger models.

Keep the space tidy and uncluttered by using literature holders. These stands will not take up too much space, and are a convenient way of providing more detailed information for visitors to take away with them.

Take advantage of travel cases that can also be used within the exhibition itself. Some can be used as storage space which will be invaluable on a small booth and help to keep the space tidy. Use counter tops and wraparound graphics to transform cases into podiums and counters that can then be used by the public to fill in forms, or by staff to make demonstrations and presentations.

If planning an exhibition on a tight budget, make sure that you really think about each item. It must have a justifiable reason for being on the stand, and must perform a function that adds value to your exhibition.