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Barracuda banner stand review

Barracuda Banner StandUltima Displays were one of the first major suppliers of affordable portable banner stands in the UK and the original Barracuda banner stand was one of the first models in the range.

The original Barracuda banner stand was a strong, reliable single sided banner stand which featured a no-nonsense wide base design that did not require stabilising feet. The tough metal casing of these stands was capable of taking some fairly rough treatment. In fact we have customers who are still using the original Barracuda banner stands 10 years after purchasing them.

In 2007 the barracuda banner stand design was revised. The new unit kept a similar sized footprint but did away with the rough ‘sandpaper’ paint job, replacing it with a satin anodised aluminum finish. Although the overall shape of the new barracuda banner stand is close to the original, perhaps the biggest change was that of the end plates which rather than being constructed from metal are now made from plastic with a smoked translucent finish.

There is no question that the new barracuda banner is aesthetically more pleasing to the eye than the old model but the style improvements come at a price and the new model lacks the bullet proof robustness of the original design. This is not to say that the new model is weak, far from it the new barracuda banner stand is tough enough for frequent use over many years providing it is treated with the proper care.

The operation of the barracuda banner stand is very straight forward and simple. Like most roller banner stands, the unit is assembled by simply pulling up the graphic and hooking it over the top of the pole which inserts into the base mechanism. The pole itself features a twist-lock mechanism that allows the height of the stand to be varied from around 1M up to 2.13M.

The carry bag of the Barracuda banner stand is strong and well padded however we would still advise that additional packaging should be used for those customers who have the need to transport the stand by courier service.

All in all we would give the barracuda banner stand a solid 8/10 score. It’s a nice looking, easy to use, reliable banner stand that should provide years of service.

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