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Banners stand ideas – How to use them effectively

Are you planning to use banner stands at your exhibition or trade show? Given are some banner stand ideas which will come in handy:

Direct traffic
It is important that you direct people to your booth or store using your banner stand. This is why you should place the banner stand at a location where many people pass by. You can attract traffic using arrows or posters directing individuals towards your exhibition stand.

Elevated spaces

Banner stands have a greater impact when the banner or poster can be viewed from far away distances. Thus is why it is important to elevate the message you want to convey so the maximum amount of people will read it.

The checkout counter is a good location to position your banner stand. Customers can read your advertising message while standing in the line. This location is perfect for providing information on service packages and warranties, if any.

Announce new activities
You can use a banner stand to announce new activities like a product launch or sales event. Ensure that you make your banner as informative and appealing as possible. Banners can enhance your business credibility as they tie your organisation to long-term promotional activities.