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Banner stands – the various components

Banner stands are used in all trade shows and exhibitions. If you run a business, you must have participated in many trade shows. If you want to know more about banner stands, read the flowing points.

Here are some components used to make banner stands.


If you keep your banner stands hanging from a single bar, then they might fall down due to the constant breeze and movement caused by people passing through the trade booth. They will keep moving and it will be difficult for onlookers to read what is printed on the stands. To avoid this, you will need a support frame that covers the banner stands from all sides. You can use fabric fastener tape or magnetic strips at different points around the banner and the frame to keep it in place.


Banner stands need proper legs to support them. They will not remain stable unless supported with right legs and feet. If you will be using PVC pipe, then the legs should be suspended little in the wind to avoid breaking them.


The feet or base of banner stands should be at a right angle to the legs of the stands. They should not be longer than eighteen inches on each of the sides. This way their total length should not exceed thirty-six inches. Ensure that they are exactly of same length on each side. This is required to provide stability to the banner stands. If there is a problem in keeping the banner stands stable, then the length of the legs should be increased.

Banner stands are used on different occasions as they are effective to attract the right audience and also deliver the intended message. Outdoor banner stands are popular as they can be taken to different locations and are portable to use.