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Banner stands – One of the best types of display stands

Banner stands are one of the best ways to display your products in an attractive manner. The easy-to-setup feature of these stands makes them one of the cost effective options to opt for if you are exhibiting at an exhibition. Banner stands are usually used to launch new products or to promote a brand. Banner stands are available in plethora of designs and types. A few of these are:

Roller banners

One of the unique features of roller banners is that they can be personalised. Personalisation allows the company to choose the layout of the banner which may include images, colour scheme and the written material. The colour can be chosen as per the company’s colour theme which results in easy identification of the brand.

Cassette banners

Cassette banners are used to display a wide variety of products. This banner helps you to change the display on your banner easily. Compared to other banner stands, these are heavier in weight.

Fabric banners

Fabric banners use cloth to cover the stand. This cloth can be dyed in colours of your choice. Once the cloth is dyed, you can digitally print the pictures and position them on the stand. These are also one of the cheaper options as compared to other banner stands.

Discussed above are few banner stands which will increase the traffic to your exhibition display and hopefully excite the audience.