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Banner stands – choosing the right one for an effective trade show exhibit

Banner stands are used when your company wishes to participate in a trade exhibition. They can suit different budgets and you can easily find a banner stand that meets your monetary requirements.

Right banner stands can be effective to draw the maximum crowd towards your trade booth, thus increasing incremental sales for your products and services. The material of these stands and the messages displayed also play a pivotal role in attracting crowds.

Traditional banner stands

Companies that have just ventured in the business sector and cannot stretch their budgets too far can opt for standard banner stands. These stands are printed on vinyl or fabric, each having their own advantages and disadvantages. Banners printed on fabric are durable and last long even if subjected to extensive travelling. These stands do not develop creases and they do not bend. Vinyl banners reflect light rays better, making them more readable compared to fabric banners. Vinyl banners can be cleaned easily.

Retail, outdoor and custom stands

Retail banner stands are those stands which are used for promotional events. These stands allow for printing on both sides of the banner which is a good utilisation of space. Outdoor stands are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions like heat and rain.

Custom banner stands are an attractive option if your budgets are flexible. You can design your stand according to your tastes and preferences. You can use your choice of logos, designs and colours to be printed on these stands. These stands are light in weight, making them an ideal option for different exhibitions.

New banner stands

Advanced technology has enabled many suppliers to provide with modernised banner stands. You can adjust the size of these stands as per your needs. Some banner stands can be easily rolled up and down as they are attached with Velcro.