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Avoiding Damage to Banner Stands

Buying banner stands from Printdesigns represents an investment for your business. Every product we sell undergoes a visual check to ensure it passes exacting quality control from one of our experienced team before it leaves our factory.

It is important that your stand looks it’s best for your exhibition or event and for this to happen, there are a few common sense measures that should be adhered to when packing and transporting your display.

The most vulnerable part of a banner stand is the end plate of the stand. Our budget and Quickroll range of banner stands feature aluminum end plates so there is no plastic to crack or shatter! Even so, the end plates are still capable of becoming damaged if they are impacted with enough force. When a banner stand leaves our factory, it is packed securely inside it’s own padded carry bag which in-turn is packed within a double walled cardboard box. Additional padding is placed at each end of the cardboard carton that cushions the banner from knocks whilst in transit. Unfortunately, sometimes people dispatch banner stands without re-packing the stands properly and consequantly courier damage can occur!

There is a spindle that protrudes from each side of the banner stand casing (round on one side and like a flat head screwdriver on the other side). If this spindle is hit with enough force then it can compress and smash the roller assembly inside the banner stand. Damage to the end plate of a banner stand is usually obvious because the metal end plate of the stand will be bent, buckled or show other signs of fatigue like whitening of the metal.

When packing your roller banner, always make sure that sufficient padding is used to protect the mechanism by careless courier handling. Should you have any problem with one of our banner stands, remember that our products are covered by a return to base warranty. Simply contact one of our team who can help you to make arrangements to inspect the banner on it’s return.