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Avoid the pitfalls of transporting your exhibition stands

Once you have designed and chosen your display stands for your exhibition, the last thing you want is for them to sustain any damage or to get lost during transportation.

Organising your logistics is just as important as putting your display together in the first place.

Make sure you have a suitable vehicle available for transportation to the event, and enough pairs of hands for setting up once you arrive.

Leave enough time for the journey and don’t leave the planning until the last moment. Relying on sat nav is not always a great idea, so use traffic websites to check your route for any hotspots before you leave.

Make sure your equipment is properly protected. Print Designs offers a range of cases and bags designed specifically for the safe transportation of pop up displays and other exhibition equipment.

Simple padded bags are easier on the pocket and provide sufficient protection, while tough moulded polyethylene cases provide added protection for both transportation and storage.

Some pop-up stand cases have the added advantage of a conversion kit that allows them to be transformed into plinths that can be used in the exhibition itself.