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Affordable Banner Stands Without Cutting Corners

budget banner stand

Buying a budget banner stand from Printdesigns does not mean sacrificing on quality of product

Today’s tough economic climate is proving a challenge for many businesses large and small.

With marketing budgets being slashed and cost-saving measures brought into place, customers are shopping around for cost-effective promotional banner stands for use at exhibitions, events and point of sale displays.

Printdesigns Limited was one of the first companies in the UK to offer sensibly priced roller banners, thus making a professional looking printed display affordable to almost any company large and small.

When we coined the term ‘budget banner stand’, we decided that the product should be produced at the lowest possible price but had to achieve an acceptable level of quality and finish. After all, a poor looking exhibition stand could look worse that no exhibition stand at all!

Many printing companies have been affected severely by diminishing spends from their customers resulting in several closures within the industry and what we have seen in recent Months is mass marketing of poor quality display products by desperate display companies hoping to make a quick sale and get some revenue in!

The old saying rings true in many cases in that “if it’s too good to be true then it probably is” and this is certainly the case with some offerings on the market. We came across one seller of banner stands offering banner stands printed onto 440gsm PVC, a product completely unsuited for use on roller banners due to the edge curl it suffers from. The banner did not even come with a half decent padded bag and shipped in a thin nylon sleeve offering virtually no protection.

Printdesigns have always been proud to offer good quality products, backed up with support from friendly staff when needed. Our budget banner stands are not the very cheapest model that you can source online but they work reliably, look good and therefore provide excellent value for money.

Search hard enough online and buy on price alone and no doubt there are cheaper, lower quality offerings around but buying the cheapest option is rarely the best solution long-term. We put our money where our mouth is with our budget banner stands and offer a 30 day guarantee so you can buy in confidence! We can also arrange to ship free samples of many of our products so you can compare with comparable products from other suppliers (shipping charges apply).

For more information on our range of banner stands and roller banners, just call and we can help.