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Adaptable display stands

Some display stands need to be updated frequently and easily. They may be used to communicate information within an institution, or to display items that change on a regular basis. In this case, choosing printed graphics to be used on banner stands or pop up stands may prove to be too expensive.
There are options available however:

Fabric banner stands
Portability and convenience are the plus points of this type of display stand. Essentially a banner stand with loop nylon fabric in place of the printed graphic panel, this lightweight and easy to use stand allows you to display your own printed material and change it as often as you wish!

Folding panel kits
These kits provide the traditional way to display information, and often used as back wall displays. Covered in a Velcro-compatible fabric, they have the same function as the fabric banner stands while providing a more robust frame.

Linear Wire Panel Kit
A different approach to displaying A4 sized printouts, these kits are essentially a free-standing aluminium framework that used a wire tensioning system for the attachment of posters that can be changed and swapped with ease.