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A pop up stand for every occasion

Available in a vast range of sizes and shapes, there is a pop up stand for every occasion. Examples below:

When you have limited space: desktop pop up stands are perfect for creating attractive and eye-catching displays despite their diminutive size. Available in a choice of shapes and lengths, these pop ups can easily compensate for a lack of booth space.

When you need a focal point: pop up towers can be viewed from all directions, which makes them ideal to sit towards the edges of an exhibition in order to attract the attention of passers-by.

When you need something more dynamic: go for pop up stands that can integrate LCD screens and monitors. Audio and visual content can add an extra dimension to any exhibition, and with pop up stands, the screen can become part of the design of your graphic panel.

When you need to create an open space: L-shaped pop up stands are ideal for creating a back wall, and thus the shape of a stand, while leaving the rest of the space as open and unobstructed as possible.

When you need ease and speed of use: pop up stands are easy to set up, requiring minutes rather than hours, which is a real bonus especially for a small team.