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A Little Mood Lighting from Print Designs

Creating the right exhibition display requires more than just creative printing and a well placed pop-up-display, and Print Designs, the UK’s exhibition stand experts have a fantastic range of display stand accessories to create the perfect mood and setting whilst ensuring your display has a high impact on its surrounding environment.

“Lighting is crucial” explains Mark Thompson, director at Print Designs “a display stand can be altered instantly with a selection of well placed spotlights and colour filters”. Print Designs have an ample selection of spotlight and flood lighting to compliment roller banner stands and pop-up-displays.

Banner stands require a delicate touch with accessories, and the range of accompanying lights sport a specific bulldog clip which allows the spotlight to be fixed to the pole holding the banner stand in place. Print Designs bestseller, the Powerspot 800 Banner Stand Light is universally compatible with the majority of banner stand products and is available from the website at only £30!

Nothing stands out in the crowd more than an illuminated pop-up-display stand. Print Designs have a range of both individual spotlights and fluorescent tubing to light up your exhibition stand. “Fluorescent tubing is a great asset to any pop up tower; the simple installation can illuminate an entire section of the stand to create the preferred effect”. The Powerspot 950 is another clever option for pop-up stands, for £25 each the individual floodlights can be used alone (or in groups of two or three for larger pop-up stand models) to create a well-lit exhibition area.

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