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5 Reasons to take your business to a trade show

1. To get loads of qualified leads! This needs to be one of the biggest goals of any exhibition – most trade show benefits will be felt after the event, when you follow up on contacts made, so collecting as many strong leads as possible during the event should be high on your list of things to do.

2. To demonstrate your products and services. This is a chance to let your prospective customers engage with your offer, and an opportunity for your company to convincingly demonstrate the value and benefits of your product.

3. To make sure the public recognise you. Being seen goes part of the way to being remembered. If you create a really strong corporate and exhibition identity for your display stands, then trade shows can do wonders for your brand awareness.

4. To get to know your customers. You need to engage with the public so that you can better understand their needs, and therefore address them more completely. Talking to your customers will also help you understand whether there are aspects of your business that need to adapt to the market.

5. To take your company to a wider audience. Simply being at the exhibition can expose your company to a wider audience than usual, but if you plan well, then this could be an opportunity to promote your company to a much wider audience. Use pre-promotion, but try and exploit any opportunities to get your company in the media, too.