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Aero Banner Stand – New Roller Banner Exhibition Stand System

The Aero Banner Stand uses upside-down roller banners so the graphics pull-down from top to bottom!

The Aero Banner Stand uses upside-down roller banners so the graphics pull-down from top to bottom!

New for 2009 is the Aero Banner Stand, a revolutionary new type of roller banner stand which is easy to use, expandable and versatile.

Traditionally, roller banner stands have been the ideal solution for those with smaller exhibition stand requirements but for those with a requirement for a larger display, using multiple stand-alone roller banners can look untidy and is therefore a less than ideal solution.

The Twist Banner Stand has proved to be a very popular product in terms of the expandability and wide range of shapes that can be created but the only drawback for some customers are that the graphics have to be stored and rolled-up separately to the stands themselves. We would recommend the Aero Banner Stand on the basis that it falls somewhere in-between the Twist Banner Stand and a regular roller banner stand in terms of the size of display that can be created.

The Aero Banner Stand utilises three roller banners than work with the mechanism at the top rather than at the bottom. The banners are pulled-downwards towards the floor and are tensioned by a spring loaded roller mechanism supported by aluminium uprights. The height of the aluminium upright supports can be adjusted to one of three height options thus giving versatility over the height of the display. It is even possible to have the sidewalls of the Aero Banner set at a different height to the centre panel which creates a more interesting shape than a traditional flat wall.

Because the Aero Display Stand is made from three parts, the angles in-between each section may be adjusted. It is also possible to use several of these systems together to fill bigger stand spaces.

For more information on the Aero Banner Stand or for advice on your exhibition and display requirements, please call to speak to one of our team.